31 Jul 2020 / Blog

Can’t keep up? Try giving up. Effortless ways to live a full and meaningful life.

“Thanks for Introducing Your Grandma!” My friend introduced me to her grandma who is in her seventies, who surprisingly looks much younger. She devotes her time knitting woollen socks, scarves, and mittens for her friends who cannot afford to buy these things to keep them warm during winter. She is adept at gardening, maintaining a […]

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17 Jul 2020 / Blog

The secret remedy for the ills of man’s existence is no secret at all

Most often our lives are a mixture of luck, opportunity, imagination and creativity and less on talent. We have resources. But the one most untapped is our creativity. Without creativity our lives are reduced to repetition and stagnation.  I chanced upon a Spanish friend who was hand stitching scraps of leather into small coin purses. […]

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10 Jul 2020 / Blog

How to care for your leather products to last generations

Basic leather care can make the item last longer.  But leather is going to age over time.  The basic protection is to handle the item with care.  Never expose it to direct sunlight, heat or water. If there are stains on the leather, deal with it immediately.  If in doubt, get professional help. Genuine leather […]

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