Bernadette S. Cenzon founded Felisa & Pedro with the goal of championing the joy of workmanship. She believes in the importance of the journey as much as the destination. Since 2009, Bernadette has been using her gifts in the crafts to reach out to friends.

“Life’s journey, with its ups and downs, twists and turns, is worth enjoying.”

In one instance, Bernadette helped a grieving mother: by involving her friend in the craft, even though she didn’t believe in herself at the beginning, she took an unusual journey of healing in Bernadette’s company.

Felisa = Joy
Pedro = Rock


Life is precious and we care for the people we interact with by encouraging one another to embrace life’s diverse journey.


People have equal value no matter their differences and we show it by respecting and appreciating every individual.


Truthfulness, when coupled with kindness, can be liberating. Being authentic means accepting ourselves and others.


We treasure people and use things; and not the other way round. We nurture relationships and are considerate of their interests.


We believe that being happy means being grate for what we have and also what we don’t have. We strive to live simply.

A portion of the sales proceeds goes to help the disadvantaged. Bernadette also mentors and trains artisans from difficult backgrounds to give them hopes and dreams.